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EE started as a 50:50 joint venture in 2010. It is the result of a merger of T-mobile and Orange company. EE provides excellent connectivity and is counted among the largest 3G network provider. It has now become advanced and introduced its 4G and 5G networks. You can opt for any as per your requirement. For more details about this British network company, you can visit their official website. EE provides the UK’s best network facility and EE support is available 24 hours through EE support Chat or EE customer service Numbers.

EE customer service Free Number is: 0800 956 6000

My EE app register

You can register yourself at My EE app as it will help you in managing all EE online accounts. You can manage your mobile devices as well as broadbands connected at your home using this app. This app will help you in making payments of the bill and check the usage of your connection. The registration process is very easy. You need to visit this page and fill the details asked. Once you are registered you can log in through this page.

EE Text Codes

There are certain text codes fixed by EE company that can be used to pay monthly and pay as you go service.

  • If you want to check the balance and allowances, you need to type ‘BALANCE’ in capital letters and send to EE text code number 150.
  • For checking bill payments and recent invoices, you need to send ‘BILL’ to the same number.
  • The customers who want to check their eligibility for upgradation, they need to send a message ‘UP’ on EE upgrade number 150.
  • If you need any other help regarding EE services, you need to send a text ‘HELP’ at EE Helpline number 150.

EE Head Office

You can write your queries to EE and send through the post at EE customer service address. The address where the EE head office is located in London is :

EE Customer Services, 6 Camberwell Way, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, SR3 3XN, United Kingdom

You need to send your name, EE account number, address, mobile number if you have EE connection while writing your query. The complaints can also be filed on this address. EE support will write back to you if your query or complaint is related to broadband service otherwise they will text you on your mobile.

EE Joining Number

The customers who wish to become a part of EE, they need to give a call on EE join number free 0800 956 6000. This number can be used by personal account customers. However, the business customers having employees up to 100 can join EE through EE join us number free 0800 956 6100. The business customers having employees more than 100 need to contact on EE joining number 0800 079 0888. The hours within which call can be made for joining EE is between 8AM-9 AM from Monday to Friday and between 8 AM- 8 PM  from Saturday to Sunday.

EE text relay service

  • The original text relay service is no longer working and it is replaced by the Next Generation Text Relay service. You can download the Next Generation Text service and NGT Lite app that will help you in case you are not able to hear of speak on the phone. You can otherwise dial EE text relay service number 0795 396 6250 by adding the prefix 18001.
  • The text relay service of Orange Pay as you go, customers, Orange pay monthly customers, and legacy brand of all customers can be availed by calling at 0797 310 0450, 0797 310 0150, 0795 396 6150 respectively. You need to add the prefix 18001 to all the numbers.

EE Technical Support

The customers who are availing mobile services of EE can ask for technical support without any hassle. There are different service numbers like if you are calling from EE mobile, you can use the EE Technical Help Number 150. The customers who wish to contact EE technical support through landline, they can do so by calling on EE technical support UK number 0795 396 6250. The customers who are not the part of EE, they can ask for the services of EE by making a call at EE technical problems number free 0800 079 8586. If you are living abroad, no need to worry as you can also avail the services of EE. Just make a call at +44 795 396 6250. You need to check the cost before making a service call to avoid any hassle afterward.

EE Broadband Number

EE broadband services are availed by a lot of people whether they are living in the UK or abroad. The services are excellent though but sometimes, the customer may need to ask some queries or file complaints. EE customer support people take the queries and complaints seriously and make efforts to improve them. The customers using EE landline to make a call need to contact at EE broadband customer service UK number free 0800 079 8586. EE mobile customers can simply call on 150 and resolve their queries or complaints. If you are not an EE customer, just dial EE TV contact number 0207 362 0200. The customers living abroad can also use this number by adding the prefix +44.

EE WiFi customer service

EE WiFi services are provided without any interruptions. However, if sometimes issues erupt, that can be resolved very easily. You just have to make a call to EE WiFi customer service numbers. The customers using EE landline for making a call can use EE WiFi service checker number 0795 396 6502. If you want to use number other than EE for making a call, you can do so but the number will be 0795 396 6250. Use EE Wifi calling abroad number +44 795 396 6250, if you are not in the UK and want to avail Wifi services of EE or file complaints.

EE small business contact number

The customers running a business on a small scale can resolve their queries and complaints at EE by calling on their EE small business customer service numbers. EE customer calling from mobile can do so through EE small business contact number 150 while EE customer calling from landline need to call on 0795 396 6250.  Other customers not the part of EE and abroad customers can even solve their business queries by calling on the same number.

EE large business contact number

The customers engaged in large scale business can avail the services of EE, file complaints and resolve their queries without wasting much time. If they are using EE mobiles, the number that they need to dial is 158. This number is free of cost and can be called up at any time. EE landline facility can also be used for making a call by large businesses. The EE large business free number is 0800 079 3333. However, if the customer has not availed the services of EE yet and still need some help, they can use the EE large business contact number 0797 310 0158. Even the customers sitting abroad can use this number to check out EE services or asking their queries.

EE Legacy Brands

  • The legacy brands of EE like T-mobile and orange has been merged with it. The customers who are using their services can seek help through the numbers provided by EE, especially for those customers. If you are using mobile services of legacy brands of EE, you can use the number 150 for making a call from EE mobile, if calling from EE landline, the number is not known yet. The call rate for calling at this number is 7p per minute. However, the other customers can call on 0207 362 0200 and charges will be according to their service provided whose number they are using for calling.
  • In case you are availing the services of broadband of legacy brands, you can ask your queries at 150 if you use EE mobile for calling. The customers using EE landline for asking their queries regarding broadband services can make a call at 0800 079 8586. The customers using services of other service providers can ask their broadband queries by calling on EE broadband number 0207 362 0200.
  • The customers using WiFi services of legacy brands can handle their queries by calling on 0795 396 6501 through EE landline. You can use the number 150 if you are calling from EE mobile and if you are calling from other mobile, you need to dial the number 0207 362 0200.
  • The business customers availing services of legacy brands can ask help regarding their services on 0845 412 5000
    Up to 7p and your phone company’s access charge

    by calling through EE landline. However, if you are using other mobile services or calling from abroad the number is +44 795 396 6150.

Orange Pay as you go number

The customers availing service of Orange pay as you go can handle their queries and complaints through different support numbers. If a customer wishes to use orange mobile, they need to dial 450 that will charge 25p per call and your problem will get resolved. However, if you are using EE landline services and need to call regarding Orange pay as you go service, you need to call on 0797 310 0450. The same number can be used even if you are using the services of other service provider or calling from abroad.

Orange Pay Monthly customer service

The Orange Pay Monthly customer service can be availed by calling at 0797 310 0150. However, if you are using Orange mobile for making a call, you can simply dial 150 and ask your issues.

Orange Home Broadband Contact

The customer using Orange home broadband services may have some queries or complaints that can be resolved by calling on 0800 079 8586 from  EE landline number. You can call on 150 if you are using Orange Mobile for making your issues known to Orange customer support. The customers not using EE or Orange mobile or landline for making a call or living abroad can use the Orange Home Broadband contact number 0207 362 0200.

Orange Small business contact number

Orange small business customers can avail the services of orange by calling on 345 using Orange mobile. The other options that can be used for making calls are EE landline or other mobile or landline service. The Orange small business contact number is 0797 310 0345.

EE business customer service

If you want to avail EE business customer service, or you can say want to join EE small business community, you need to make a call on EE business customer service number free 0800 956 6108. For upgrading EE services, you need to text at 150. If you are a large business customer having employees more than 100, you can join EE by calling at  0800 079 0888 free or 158 from EE phone.



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  1. I’m trying to unlock my phone, I had an iPhone 6s with you for many years and have recently switched suppliers, my new phone has developed a fault and been returned to the supplier for repair.
    My contract was due for renewal march 2018 but I just kept rolling it over, the phone should have been unlocked towards the end of my initial contract but was never done, I need to be able to use the phone with my current sim card until my current phone is returned, please unlock it

  2. hi, can you help please, i am the carer of my partner, i have tried adding the £20 top up voucher for her credit, also she has tried for months. Now, it has revealed that EE has cut her phone off, please reinstate the damn phone + add the credit, EE has caused intolerable trouble the last 4 months to us, partners name J. Bamforth voucher serial novoucher no, it was purchased on 2020. there was no notification of her phone getting cut off by EE, thanks very much

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