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Barclays is a British multinational investment bank and financial services company based in London. The customers can discuss any of the questions about banking solutions, banking products, payments, and insurance, etc with Barclays customer services team at Barclays customer support phone number 0345 734 5345. The team is happy to answer all questions through telephone banking, apart from various other ways as mentioned below.

Barclays Contact a Branch

The contact details for the nearest branch can be checked online by submitting address, town or postcode in the box given via the page.

Barclays Web Chat

The customers can discuss any of their questions about the services through Barclays web chat via the page. The advisors are accessible for 24 hours, 7 days a week including holidays.

Barclays Accessibility Services

The disabled customers are being offered various services for banking such as sight services, hearing and speech, cognitive services, and delegating authority so that someone else can manage an account on your behalf. You can use the sign video services via the page or discuss through Barclays online chat via page or you can call for any information at Barclays customer free number 0800 400 100 or contact through Barclays textphone 18001 0800 400 100 from Mon-Sun 7 AM- 11 PM.  Disabled customers can also use textphone services.  You can dial 18001 before the number you wish to call. Like, for your general requests, you may dial Barclays textphone 18001 0345 734 5345. The customers can also register for online banking by dialing 0345 600 2323

If you have difficulty in using Chip and PIN and you have a Barclaycard, then you can call Barclays contact 0844 811 9011

Barclays Insurance Contact

The customers can check the contact details of various insurance services such as home, business, car, life, income protection, etc by visiting the page.

Barclays Online Banking

All the banking services can be managed digitally through Barclays online banking. The registration can be done via the page. For any questions, the helpdesk is accessible at Barclays contact number 0345 – 0345 600 2323 or +44 247 684 2063 from abroad.

Barclays Online Fraud Reporting

If you are suspecting fraud on your online banking account, you can quickly call Barclays customer services at Barclays help desk phone number 0345 600 2323 or +44 247 684 2063 from abroad anytime or you may send details via Barclays help email [email protected]

Barclays Fraud Check

If you are not able to recognize any payment transaction or debit card has been blocked, you can discuss with the advisors at Barclays helpline UK 0345 734 5345 or +44 247 684 2100 from abroad. There are different contact numbers for premier customers, wealth management, business or corporate customers, the contact details of which can be checked via the page. In case, you are suspecting online fraud, then you may call Barclays helpline 0333 200 1014 anytime as open for 24/7

Barclays Mobile Banking App

For the registration, customers can check the details via this page. If you get a new device, then services have to be de-registered on old one either online or by calling Barclays phone number UK +44 333 200 1014 anytime. For any related questions, you can call Barclays help desk at 0345 600 2323 or +44 247 684 2063 when calling from abroad.

Barclays Pingit App

Pingit app works on Android devices, iPad, etc. Any of the questions about the app can be discussed at Barclays contact number 0345 600 2323 or +44 247 684 2063 from outside UK. If you are suspecting any kind of fraud, then you may immediately call Barclays online fraud helpline 0333 200 1012

Barclays Premier Banking

If you wish to join Barclays premier banking, you can call Barclays customer care at free Barclays contact number 0800- 0800 085 1115 from Mon- Fri 8 AM- 9 PM and Sat-Sun and holidays 8 AM- 6 PM. For any questions from existing customers, they can be discussed at Barclays contact-free 0800 924 7365. You can also make a request for a meeting to be arranged with the manager.

Barclays Payment

There are various ways to make a payment such as

  • Online Banking-it can be done by signing in to the account via the page under the ‘Make a Payment’ link.
  • Barclays App-using the Barclays IOS and Android app. They can be downloaded via the page.
  • Telephone Banking-phone numbers for personal, premier and business customers can be checked through the page.
  • Branch Visit-you can visit the nearest branch and set up a payment.

Any of your payment-related questions can be discussed with the support staff at Barclays help contact 0345 734 5345 or +44 247 684 2100 from abroad.

Barclays and Barclaycard

Whether you are a new or existing customer and looking for Barclaycard details, the Barclays customer service is easily accessible. The phone numbers are listed via the page. In regard to Barclaycard fraud, the customers can discuss at Barclays free customer service number 0800 318 665 or +44 145 282 8309 when calling from the outside UK from Mon-Sun 7 AM- 11 PM.

Barclays International

All details about Barclays international banking can be checked via the page. You can also discuss the services like about your child’s education or moving abroad etc over the phone at +800 800 8885 or +44 162 468 4444. They are reachable 24/7

Barclays Mortgage Contact Details

The information about mortgages can be discussed in various ways such as through Barclays web chat, video call via the page, by visiting any of the Barclays branches and over the telephone. If you are a new residential customer, then you may dial Barclays helpline 0333 202 7580 anytime and 0800 022 4022 for the existing ones from Mon- Fri 8:30 AM- 5:30 PM and Sat 9 AM- 1 PM. Similarly, the contact details for commercial and buy to- let customers can be checked by visiting the page.

Barclays Savings Account

The Barclays savings account includes various services such as ISAs and bonds, account servicing, foreign currency account, and business savings. All the departments have designated phone numbers as listed below and can be checked through this page.

Barclays Business Banking Contact

If you are seeking information for new Barclays business account, then you may contact Barclays customer advisor either through online chat or via online message through the page or over the telephone by dialing free Barclays contact number business 0800 515 462 from Mon- Fri 8 AM- 7 PM and Sat 9 AM- 1 PM. If you have an overseas account, you can open the UK business account by discussing it with the advisors at 0162 468 4684.

The Barclays business account existing customers can call for any inquiries at Barclays business phone number 0345 605 2345 from Mon- Fri 8 AM- 9 PM and Sat-Sun 9 AM- 6 PM. For any change in the mandate, you can call 0333 202 7477 from Mon- Fri 8:30 AM- 6 PM or send the requests by post at the address:

Barclays Bank UK PLC, Mandate Change Team, PO BOX 10215 Wigston, LE18 9EY

In case, if you wish to switch your business account to Barclays, then either it can be done online as mentioned via the page or you may call advisors at Barclays UK business telephone number free 0800 515 462 from Mon- Fri 8 AM- 8 PM.

There are various other business-related services such as business savings, borrowing, insurance, payments, etc, the details of which can be checked through this page.

Barclays Current Account

Barclays current account includes personal, premier, business and student accounts. The contact details of all departments are separately mentioned on the page.

Barclays Investments Contact Us

All about the investment news and details can be discussed at Barclays free telephone number 0800 279 3667 from Mon- Thurs 7:30 AM- 7 PM, Fri 7:30 AM- 6 PM and Sat 9:30 AM- 12:30 PM. Except for, if you are a structured product customer, then you may call 0800 234 6021 and for any other financial planning questions such as life pension, life assurance, etc, you may either dial Barclays contact number free 0800 197 5616 or contact at the address: ReAssure, Po Box 2820, Romford, Essex, RM7 1GJ. More details can be checked by visiting the web page.

Barclays Loan Contact

If you are seeking information about Barclays loans, then you may call advisors at free Barclays customer finance number 0800 716 598 or contact online and send a message via the page. If it is about business loans, then Barclays business lending team is accessible at 0345 605 2345 from Mon- Fri 9 AM- 7 PM. The existing business customers can discuss their loan questions at Barclays telephone number 0333 202 7445.

Barclays Travel Insurance

All the required information about travel insurance can be checked through the web page.

Barclays Travel Money

You can order your currency and buy travelers’ cheques by calling Barclays travel money phone number 0345 072 2222. The order can also be done online via the page.

Barclays Wealth Management Contact Number UK

If you are a new client, you can discuss the details at Barclays wealth management contact UK free 0800 279 4893 or +44 239 387 3548 from abroad. The existing customers can call their wealth manager at 0800 376 7954

Barclays Lost Card Contact

If your card has been lost or stolen, you should inform Barclays customer service team immediately. This can be done using the Barclays app, or online account or a visit to the nearest branch. You can also call them at Barclays help desk free 0800 400 100 or +44 247 684 2099 from abroad. The phone numbers for business customers, wealth client services, etc can be checked via this page.

If you are a Card Secure Policy Holder, then you may call the number 0844 848 2916 or +44 190 454 4666

Barclays Bereavement Team

In case of death of the account holder, you should inform at Barclays help center free 0800 068 2238 from Mon- Fri 9 AM- 5 PM and Sat 9 AM- 2 PM or send details by post at Barclays contact address:

Barclays Service Centre, Leicester, LE87 2BB. The details can also be sent online using the form via this page.

Barclays UK Press Office

The journalists can contact the press office for any questions at Barclays UK press office contact number +44 203 555 2070 and +44 207 116 7285 for Barclaycard. In general, the Barclays group can be contacted at  +44 207 116 4755

Barclays Customer Complaints

Barclays customer relations are easily accessible to solve any of your issues. You have various options to forward the matter.

  • Online- the customers can sign in to the account via the page and discuss the issue through web chat or by completing an online contact form.
  • Post- details can be sent by mail at the Barclays customer complaints address: Freepost Barclays Customer Relations
  • Telephone-you can also call Barclays customer complaints telephone number free 0800 282 390 or +44 207 116 7488 from abroad anytime
  • Branch- you can visit us in branch to discuss your complaint. The nearest branch details can be checked via the page.

If you are not happy with the given decision, then the matter can be raised to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). FOS team can be contacted at their freephone number 0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9123 or via email [email protected] or by mail at The Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR and more related information can be checked by visiting the page.

The online transaction disputes can also be referred to Online Dispute Resolution platform provided by the European Commission through the web page.

In case, if the complaint was about a sales finance product and you were not satisfied with the given decision, then you may refer to UK Finance at UK Finance, Fifth Floor, 1 Angel Court, EC2R 7HJ. They can also be contacted at +44 203 934 1456 or via email address [email protected]


Up to 7p and your phone company’s access charge
Up to 7p and your phone company’s access charge
Up to 7p and your phone company’s access charge
Up to 7p and your phone company’s access charge
Free phone number
Up to 7p and your phone company’s access charge
Up to 7p and your phone company’s access charge
Barclaycard general queries
Barclaycard House, 1234 Pavilion Drive, Northampton, NN4 7SG, Mail Van area 24
Barclays income protection cover team
Barclays Policy Administration Department c/o Monument Insurance 50 Kings Hill Avenue West Malling Kent ME19 4JX
Barclays mandate change team
Barclays Bank UK PLC Mandate Change Team PO BOX 10215 Wigston LE18 9EY
Barclays bereavement contact
Barclays Service Centre, Leicester, LE87 2BB
Barclays Complaints Team
Freepost Barclays Customer Relations
Financial Ombudsman Service Contact
The Financial Ombudsman Service Exchange Tower London E14 9SR
UK Finance Contact
UK Finance Fifth Floor 1 Angel Court EC2R 7HJ

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