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Apple is a well-known company that manufactures various products. It deals with computer software and sells numerous products such as iPod, iPhone, Mac, TV, etc. Apple products are worldwide famous due to their high-quality service related to the products they sell. Whenever an Apple user faces any issue, Apple customer service representatives are always ready to provide assistance. There are many ways in which Apple customer support UK can be contacted. You can call them or send an email or send a letter to your issues. Not only this, they provide online support too. You can avail Apply customer care by calling at Apple customer service number free 0800 048 0408. In case you need to find an authorized service provider of Apple, you need to visit this page.

Apple UK office address

You can even send your queries through the post to Apple customer care representatives. You are required to give full details of issues and your contact information so that they can respond back with the best solution. You are required to send a letter at Apple UK office address:

235 Regent Street, London, W1B 2EL

You can even call the UK office for resolving your queries. Apple UK Office contact number is 0207 153 9000. The call timings and other details are mentioned on this page.

Apple store for business

If you are a professional or business user and need support from Apple, Apple business customer service representatives are always ready to help you.  You can either visit the Apple store for business or make a call at Apple business contact number 0800 058 2222. You will get complete business services at Apple Store and financial solutions that will help your business to grow. Further details regarding Apple business services are available on this page. The queries regarding the small and medium business can be resolved by calling Apple small business services number 1 800 854 3680. The business team will help you in making your business paperless, and manage it smoothly.

Apple Technical support

If you are facing technical issues and need support, you can use Apple technical support number 0800 107 6285 and they will send technical person to help you in resolving your problem. However, if it is possible to resolve your query on the phone, they will guide you immediately. If you need to call Beats support service, you can call Apple beats support number 0800 028 2329.  You can even get technical support online by visiting this page. You can even avail complimentary technical support services of Apple within 90 days of ownership of the product. It includes MAC, iPhone, iPad, and TV. This complimentary technical support is available only through the phone. After 90 days, you will get online technical support from Apple customer representatives.

Apple store for education

Apple store for education service is provided for students, teachers and other professionals in the field of education. If you fall under this category and want to buy from apple store for education purposes, you can either visit the Apple store for education page or call Apple education contact number free 0800 048 0408. However, if you are searching for an Apple representative because you want to buy on behalf of your college or university, you need to call Apple education number free 0800 912 0207. If you want to buy for your institution, you need to make a call at 1 800 780 5009 where only individual orders can be placed for education. You can even send an email at [email protected].

Contact Apple Support and Service

You can get Apple support and services at different places. Before you contact Apple support and services, you need to keep your serial number ready. You can even ask for online support on this page. You will be connected to the Apple expert. Different Apple support numbers are given on this page. You can select the number according to your region or country.

Apple Shop Finder

If you want to locate Apple shops near you, you need to go to this page of the website that will direct you to different services. On this page, you can get to know about different Apple stores and authorized resellers. Along with that, you can get information regarding Apple consultants’ network, Apple authorized training providers and Apple online support. For getting Apple corporate information, you need to make a call at Apple corporate number 1 408 996 1010.

Apple Investor relations

The questions regarding Apple investments, Apple stock price, cash dividends, Stock certificates etc., can be resolved by making a call at Apple transfer team agent number 0877 360 5390 (Transfer agent number )which is for US customers. Another contact that can be used for getting information is 1 312 36 5399. Apple investor relations number is 0408 974 3123.

Apple government store

Apple customers are provided an Apple store for federal smart pay which is designed for the convenience of federal customers. They can use Apple federal SmartPay credit card for purchasing Apple and third-party products. Any further issues can be resolved by sending an email at [email protected]. Apple store for state and local government is also provided to customers who come under state and local government. They are provided with a procurement card that can be used for purchasing. If they are having any issues regarding purchasing or other issues, they can send an email at [email protected]. For getting sales team support, the government customers need to send an email at [email protected]

Apple Financing UK

Apple financing services provide help in financing Apple product whether it is purchased for university, business or school. Apple provides user-friendly financing in the field of business, education, and consumer. You can get detailed information regarding Apple financing by calling at Apple financing UK number 1 800 800 2775.

Apple repair service UK

Apple provides repair services for its customers where they can get their products repaired if they get damaged. You need to visit this page and make an appointment for repair service. You can check the status of your repairs by visiting this page. Whether it is screen repair, battery replacement, accessories needed, or replacement required, you just have to visit the repair page and get the desired information.

Apple complaints

Apple does not have a separate complaint department. But that does not mean that you cannot report for your issues. If you are facing any problem with the Apple services or products, you can make a call at Apple complaints number 0800 048 0408. They will take the appropriate time and will come up with the right solution for you.  Alternatively, you can contact the genius bar team of Apple. You need to visit the page and make an appointment with the Genius bar representative. You need to explain your query in detail and they will help you in the best possible way. You can even fill the online feedback form by visiting this page. It will work as a complaint and you can mention your issues about any area. Your feedback about their services will help them in making improvements.

Apple Gift Cards

Apple gift cards are valid only at Apple retail stores and Apple online stores. In Newzealand, you can get an Apple gift card and use it for purchasing by making a call at Apple gift card number 0800 692 7753.  You can even check your card balance by calling on this number. Please note that the Apple gift card cannot be used for the purchase of iTunes, at the MAC app store, and iBook stores. However, if you want to buy an Apple gift card in UK, you need to make a call at 0800 048 0408. Here Apple gift cards UK is managed and issued by Apple Distribution International and it is valid only on purchases made inside the UK.

Apple Lost or Stolen policy

You need to contact your local police station if you found any lost Apple device. In case you have enabled apps “Find my iPhone and Find my MAC”, it will be easy to find lost Apple devices. These apps will allow you to put your lost device in lost mode. Apart from these two apps, no other service can find your Apple devices for you. However, if you want to claim for the replacement of the device, you need to visit this link. You can even make a call at Apple customer service number 0800 048 0408 to take help regarding using these apps. All other questions regarding Apple devices or services can be answered by visiting the Apple support page.


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